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In recent years there has been a large spike in the number of online startups who trade solely through online platforms and ship mattresses direct to the customer, which removes the need to visit time consuming showrooms. Don’t worry because Eve offers you 100 Eve Mattress nights to sleep on your mattress and discover if you love it. With Eve, they would rather have a satisfied customer and a great mattress, so they will have your mattress removed if you don’t like it, and your Eve mattress cost will be absolutely nothing.


But new businesses like Eve Sleep, Simba and Casper, which look and act like tech firms, are using massive marketing budgets to make the rather dull business of buying a new mattress seem like fun and promote the idea of a bed in a box” that is delivered to your front door like a pizza.


It’s medium firmness makes it accommodating for the average user, and Eve does a good job at addressing the two most common problems in memory foam:

The brand wich

sleeping hot and sinking in. If you have a sleep partner, you can benefit from the product’s great motion isolation capabilities, and the cover is soft and elastic.


Now you might be wondering why you should even consider buying a bed in a box.” After all,” you are thinking, how can you decide to buy a mattress that thebrandwich you have not actually tried.” Its a good question but one that raises the real question of how laying on a mattress in a


showroom for a few minutes can let you make such an import decision either.


I would argue that neither of these mattress products is breaking any mould in the mattress world in their construction methods, maybe in their foams,we have made similar construction mattresses for over 4 years now for example, there’s no patent on layering of foam or FEPS (foam encapsulated pocket springs) that is not to say they are poor products, but I find it hard to support a ‘revolution’ in their design methodology given foam layers and springs.